oh the joy of christmas

I don’t know about you, but standing on the top step of an 8ft ladder stretching out with a staple gun, is NOT what I call a good time. But, we got them all up… 125 feet of them. But when we got home from our leadership meeting @ blake & lisa’s, they weren’t working. I double checked everything, it must be the fuses. To say I was “pissed” would be the christian thing to say. I couldn’t even think straight! Where is the outlet for anger in our christian walk? I feel it, so should i just suppress it and let it go, or should I actually experience it? I say let it out, but where would a positive outlet be? I think I’ll go listen to some of my screaming music! Just so you know, i’m okay now, turns out that when you put your face before God, those things don’t seem to matter anymore and I just felt petty.


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