New Albums Out!

I just bought these CD’s yesterday, so it will take me awhile to form my official opinion on them. But, all three of these artists are so good they are on my “buy without listening” list. I have to be honest, I have very strong opinions on music, especially “christian” music, which I would argue that there isn’t such a thing. Face it, a lot of music that is labeled “christian” sucks. Maybe another post, another time.

Delirious has finally released another album.
Delirious has been a long-time favorite of mine and the world church with songs such as “i could sing of your love forever” and “did you feel the mountains trembe”. One of my personal favorite songs by Delirious is “deeper”. I have also included a link to their website on the right column. Go check out this British band who is always pushing the edge of worship music.

Okay, Charlie Hall. This guy is the man! We use many of his songs for worship each week. He has written songs such as: “prepare the way”, “marvelous light”, “my drink”, “give us clean hands”, and “chasing”. Hall is certainly pushing himself to new levels in this new release. Again, his site is referenced below. He actually offers many resources along with complete sheet music with guitar tabs and lyrics. It’s worth a visit just to see Charlie’s “gnome-like” beard.

Jacinda and I actually got to see him at this years, Spirit West Coast
They had a Worship Together tent with worship leaders from all over teaching, training, and sharing about the way they do worship. Charlie Hall was hilarious and inspiring.

Next up, another of my absolute favorites, Derek Webb. If you recognize the name it is because he was in Caedmon’s Call for many years. This isn’t your “feel good” kind of music although that is how it makes me feel. Webb is what I would call a wordsmith. The guy writes music that matters. He tackles theological, political, and social issues. Toget a flavor of Webb, you could get his live album, entitled “the house show” where he talks/preaches between songs. Or, get his brand new DVD, “to kill or be killed”. You can get either from a great “indy-focused” site called, “Grassroots Music”.


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