New Experiences

So, we’re here in Vegas and so far only lost money on good food! Jacinda and I flew in yesterday from FAT. Our flight was delayed for 45 minutes which meant we were there for quite some time. You see, last time I tried to fly out of Fresno to Dallas for work, I waited in line for an hour to find out that I missed the “check-in” time by 5 minutes. I wanted to yell at the guy, “no wonder people try to bomb your stupid airport!” but, didn’t think that would be such a great idea. So, I listened to some stand-up by Mitch Hedberg. He isn’t a dirty comic, but he has some spicy language. Thanks Dave! I was laughing so hard in the airport lobby that Jacinda was getting embarrassed.

So here we are in “old-town” Vegas. All the classic sites that you are use to seeing in the pictures, except that, you can’t smell pictures. It’s like sitting in a bathroom while guys blow smoke at you. I know the Rat Pack used to kick it here, but that place was pretty lame. So, we headed to the south end of the strip to take in some of the finer art-driven hotels and exhibits. That is where we found this:

Don’t judge us, our wives were right there with us. After we experienced some art, Los introduced me to the some crap…I mean craps. We played the $3 table to get my wings. It was awesome. I was up, I was down, I rolled a seven, I was up, and I ended even. Not bad for a couple hours of entertainment. I think I might even get up enough courage to gamble at our hotel (Venetian has $10 minimums). We’ll see. Oh, and we saw Michael Vick in our restaurant. Los and I chased after him like an elementary kid meeting a jr. high football star.


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