Finding My Rest

Well, no answers yet, but I am able to function now. When I heard that my business deal was halting, my heart sank. With the comments from my wife, brother, and other believers here at work, I am feeling the love. I was telling Jacinda last night how I was telling God, “just give me that joy”. You know, that joy that even though things aren’t the way you want them, you still can say, “praise God”. So, I just talked to the Lord. We had a little pow-wow which was basically me just learning to stop moving and just shut up. God is amazing like that. I don’t know what I would do with all of life’s problems if I didn’t have a counselor that resides in me. You could talk to friends or family, but still “He is closer than a brother”. Thanks for all the emails and comments, keep praying for the situation, but just know, I’m taken care of.


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