Brain Freeze!

last night i led worship for the men’s dinner at our church. i do this every month. sometimes it’s really good, others i feel kind of out of place. it’s a bunch of great guys, but i bring the average age down pretty significantly when i’m there. anyway, i skipped out early to tend to my pregnant wife and her tcby needs. tcby stands for “the country’s best yogurt”. it’s a little frozen yogurt shop near our home and when my wife is pregnant, she craves it like no other. so i picked up the standard order, white chocolate mousse with reese’s peanut butter cups and took it home. kiara, my daughter, was tearing into it, we were all just chillin on the couch listening to some rich mullins, when kiara just starts crying. we thought she bit her lip or something. she starts eating again all happy, then boom! crying again. she was eating the yogurt too fast and was getting a brain freeze. it was one of those times when you feel bad that your kid is hurting, but jacinda and i were cracking up!

by the way, major prayers needed today. i will be calling a guy who used to work here who for some reason feels wronged by me. because of this, my business deal is not going through. so, today i will call him, try to see how i offended him, and apologize. honestly, to get this deal to go through i would turn the other cheek twice!


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