What’s in a name?

here’s the poster for the concert we went to the other night. okay, “nuke infusion” was the name of the band we went to go see. the lead singer/guitar player is phil harvey, which happens to be jacinda’s uncle. we always think it is kind of weird that he is our uncle, when he is only a couple years older than us.

here is a great picture of mr. phil. please disregard jacinda’s step-brother’s hand in the background. i had never been to club fred before and let me tell, you…it was quality. it reminded me of vegas and it was so dark, the walls could’ve been painted bright green and i couldn’t tell.

one more pic of phil rocking out. it was a fun show. phil was actually pretty rockin’. i really liked the songs that he sung on and kind of lead. i’d pay just to go see all of jacinda’s family dancing again. i should post the picture of ty dancing, but, oh what the heck…


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