i can’t help it, i’m just a chick magnet

yep, it’s true! we’re having another girl. jacinda and i planned on having two kids, so this is the completion of our family. final score 3 to 1. i’m in big trouble. two colleges, two weddings, two wardrobes, 200 pairs of shoes. please join jacinda and i in praying for a continued healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. i have two other friends with 2 girls, so we’ll hang out! i can’t wait to see how God (there you go angela: He deserves to be capitalized!) shapes and forms this little miracle. that’s why babies are so amazing. they are from two people, but you never really know who they will most take after. a client of mine told me a funny “redneck parable” if you will when i mentioned we were finding out the sex of the baby.

he said, “you better hope you’re having a boy”. i replied with “why’s that?” he shot back, “if you have a boy you just have to worry about one penis, if you have a girl…you have to worry about all the rest!” HA! i thought that was pretty funny, but seriously, does anyone know where i can get a cheap shotgun?


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