tired of being tired

when are we supposed to find the time to work out! i know that it is good for me, it actually gives me more energy, and i enjoy doing things in the outdoors, but man, waking up at 5am, to work at 6:30, not getting home until almost 5pm, eating dinner, putting kiara to bed, and then 30 minutes later, we go to bed. where is there time in that schedule. i’m sure it’s similar to most of you out there as well.

i have been going on my way home from work, but i hate taking time away from my family. life gets busy, functions at night and i start slipping. so this week i’ve gone on monday and wednesday and i’m feeling it today. a little sore, but it feels good (it’s been two weeks). sometimes i just wake up and think, maybe God made me all fit overnight, then i look in the mirror…nope, gotta keep going to the gym. sometimes i wish that i still had to go to PE everyday.


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