It’s friday night, and the mood is right. Gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done…TGIF. Does anyone else remember those days? Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step (not the new kids on the block, believe me, i’d know) anyways, jacinda and i hung out with our younger brothers and sisters and their respective boyfriends/girlfriends: dave and jessica, marissa and pete. we all met up at dog house grill and i have found a new love. her name…steak cobb salad! so, we’re hanging out, eating, laughing, and in walks los and heather from riverside. We hung with them for a little, then left to go to the game.

I have been to 3 hockey games now, 1 at the pond (thanks los) and two falcons games. but, at this game, i came across something i had never experienced before…no fights! what’s the deal? i am relying on you guys to be aggressive so that i can live vicariously through you! i want to act like i’m punching my brother in the stomach and pull his shirt over his head in the parking lot after the game. i want the adrenaline rush. nope…didn’t ever quite get there. the falcons are #1 in their league, but they lost 3-6 in this game. they played the “alaska aces” and they must not be as well funded as the falcons because they all have business names on their jerseys right across the butt. funny thing is, one guy’s ad, (right across his butt mind you) said, “natural pantry”. i don’t know about you, but my brother and i thought that was hilarious.

saturday we hooked up with the whittakers once again for breakfast, family lunch with jacinda’s dad and step sister plus kids, and off to mcdonald’s for another friend who has kids’ birthday party. what is it about mcdonald’s that kids love so much? it’s like the disneyland of restaurants to a two year old. it was jenna’s 2nd birthday, one of kiara’s little friends from church, which basically means one of our friends kids. she was super excited as well as all the kids playing on the playground. it’s always funny to see all the dads try to climb through the tunnels with their kids.


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