Nothing Compares

so, last night jacinda and i sat down and caught up on some alias. this used to be our favorite show. i own the first 2 seasons on dvd, we used to have sunday night parties at our house with a bunch of people, just to watch alias. if you talked while the show was on, you got an extremely quick reprimand from about a dozen people saying, “shut up!” it started going downhill about the 3rd season. it started really slow and ended up being pretty good at the season close. this season, season five, it’s like they are just a bunch of mini-sagas where it always ends really clean. it used to be that you were on the edge of your seat by the end and that black screen saying, “alias” with just make everybody scream and moan that, “i can’t believe it’s over” or “dangit, i wonder if _____ will make it through”. not anymore. now it’s like, oh sydney’s in trouble, oh there’s still 20 minutes left, she’ll get out of it. so, i’m glad this is the last season. oh, and it just kind of seems a little far fetched and hokey compared to…the man…Jack Bauer.
Singing: “nothing compares, nothing compares…to you” seriously, i love this guy and this show. and no, eric, i don’t want jack bauer to die and i would never wish that on him, i was just saying how extreme this show is and how it just wouldn’t be exactly fitting if it ended with him walking off into the sunset with no more problems or worries. he is a tormented hero and that is why we love him. he’s got issues like us, yet, he kicks the bad guys butt. we’re a couple episodes behind right now, so jacinda and i are kinda chomping at the bit. last night after watching alias, we were both lying in bed, unfulfilled, and i said, i kinda wish we had spent our time a little more wisely and watched 24. we laughed and agreed. there’s just nothing like it. it’s got that “crack” quality, kind of like McDonalds for kids. what’s the deal?


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