another lond day yesterday. woke up early, or should i say, on time, did my thing, ate breakfast, went to work, gym, and home again. jacinda and i were both beat, but kiara…bouncing off the walls. we kept expecting her to just crash because of the amount of energy she had expended all day. nope. we were watching american idol from the night before and she just danced to every song. but, she went to bed relatively easy and jacinda and i tried to stay awake to watch the idol “kick-off” show. to fill our time, we watched alias. jacinda fell asleep and by 9:15, we were in bed. so, we didn’t see who got kicked off and now i’m scared to go read everyone else’s blogs, because i know there will be stuff out there about it. maybe tonight we can watch and find out for ourselves. but, for how popular that show is around my office, i doubt i’ll make it.


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