D-Day for 24

Tonight is the night for the season finale of 24 and my heart’s already pumping. we are going over to another family’s house to have a full-on potluck, season finale party. coolest thing about it…it’s our associate pastor’s house. 24 transcends all cultural barriers. or should i say jack bauer. there hasn’t been a character this loved in TV since Gilligan; or for me DJ Tanner on Full House. man i had a crush on her! i just know that tonight they are going to throw some new character into the mix. you can’t ever figure the show out because they are always throwing in new loops and conspiracies. gotta love it. so, to all my other 24 fans…don’t worry i won’t be calling you tonight. but i will be watching with some of you, so until then… “there’s no time”


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