Taylor Hicks won, but someone else stole the show!

and, no, it wasn’t clay aiken. it was the guy that they pulled up on stage from winning some stupid idol award. this guy couldn’t sing a lick, but he obviously idolized aiken. so, they bring him out to sing one of aiken’s songs and 20 seconds into it, clay comes out and the guys jumps 4 feet off the ground. seriously, if you guys didn’t see that, you better find someone with a tivo because jacinda and i almost fell off the couch. the “guy” responded like a 9-year old girl would’ve reacted to last season’s bruding constantine. no worse. it was like watching those old videos of when michael jackson would come into a town and all the girls are just screaming and jumping and fainting. you gotta love the way idol exploits people!


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