What a great weekend!

This last weekend, Jacinda and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a trip down to the OC. It was great, we had a fondue dinner at the melting pot in thousand oaks, went to costa mesa for some shopping, had lobster at the ocean house right across the street from the santa monica beach, breakfast on the sand in paradise cove, looked at old stuff at the getty center and strolled along the shops of montana ave in santa monica. it was there that we saw the “biggest loser” first season winner, gary.
I am always the one that spots the “famous” people. We were just checking out all the shops and i spot gary as he says, “hey, i’m going to go grab a banana”. I’m not a really big starstruck kind of guy. I do enjoy knowing what other peoples lives are, but in the end, we are all just humans. we all go to the bathroom. they just use much more expensive toilet paper. anyways, I don’t like to interrupt their lives too much either, unless it was someone huge that i would really want to meet like chris martin, bono, matt redman, keifer sutherland… some of the “big” people in my mind. so, i just follow this guy into a supermarket until i can tell jacinda who he is. then, we check out his wife and friends (he’s still trim by the way) and go on about our day. little victory for us.
i don’t know, we’re just big geeks that get excited about little things. last year for our anniversary i rented a black convertible bmw 330ci and we bought a star map and drove around hollywood/bel air/brentwood for hours looking at all these enormous homes. back to the story, we were walking the 3rd street promenade after grubbing on some seafood goodness and we, i mean i…spot josh groban. jacinda kind of freaked on that one, but again, we left him alone. it must be nice for them to go out somewhere where people don’t really bug them. i mean, i’m sure celebrities walk those streets all the time. so, that was it for “lifestyles of the rich and famous”. although i did see a convertible rolls royce cornisch. those are super expensive, but ugly. I’ll post some pics and more about the weekend when i get my pics all imported. plus, i hate really long posts.


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