I’m Sailing! I’m Sailing!

http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifThis weekend has been all about experiences. Jacinda’s best friend, , who is married to Los had her birthday party this weekend. i went into work on Friday morning to finish a couple things, then took off a little after 9. Jacinda and I were getting the baby room painted this weekend so i had to take apart the baby crib (for painting) and take the blinds off the window. So we took off just before 11 trying to be down in Riverside by 2. yeah right!
I drove like a mad man. the traffic was unbelievable! It took us almost an hour and 45 minutes to get to Bakersfield, but then I made up some time keepin it in third on the grapevine. i love driving fast there because it feels like a video game. needless to say, whether i’m going 65 or 85, it still takes me 4 hours and 15 minutes to get to their house. we get to their house, pack up some more stuff and take off for another hour drive to Newport Beach. you know you’re in newport when all the cars go from chevy’s and honda’s to porsche’s, bmw’s, and ferrari’s. we actually drove by a dealership for ferrari, maserati, and rolls royce.
we then got on our 44″ foot yacht for the weekend. This thing has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a “living room” and a full kitchen. topside (that’s boater talk for the top of the boat) there was room sit tons of people, plus you could just chill out on the front of the boat. we took a harbor cruise with a whole bunch of heather’s good friends. it was really great and jacinda and I met some really cool new people. after the cruise, we docked up and we all went and saw the breakup with vince vaughn and jennifer aniston. i laughed really hard, but the end left me a bitter taste in my mouth.
los, heather, jacinda and i went back to boat and spent the night there in the harbor. saturday morning, the brown’s, christopher’s, and albee’s joined us for our trip down to laguna beach. it started great, jacinda started feeling the movement and the heat. then we anchored at laguna and it all began. i hurled. then again. and again. and again. whew. i jump into the cold water and float there for awhile. i get back on the boat. hurl. lay down for awhile. then the most awesome thing ever happened. dolphins. hundreds. maybe a thousand. all around us, for hundreds of yards around us. black and white dolphins. it was like the beginning of an ironman triathlon where all those people are splashing in the water together. amazing. eventually they were gone then, i hurled. again. again. again. it was terrible. i tried to sleep the rest of the way and as soon as we got back into the harbor, i started feeling better. so, needless to say, i’m never doing the sailing thing again.
we then drove to huntington beach for dinner and back to riverside where i almost immediately crashed on the couch. so, off to sandals for church, then back to fresno to pick up our little girl. can’t wait to see her.


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