My new Toy!

D70sbig With a new baby coming in less than 3 weeks, I’ve been on the prowl for a new camera. I really wanted a Digital SLR and started saving awhile ago. I got some money for my birthday and I was going to go buy the Canon Rebel XT over at Horn Photo, but when I called, they were all sold out. So, I found this coupon for 12% off at Best Buy. They carried the rebel, so I thought I would just go pick it up over there, but I really didn’t want to buy something like a camera at an electronics store, I wanted to get it at a local photo shop. So, a lady at work recommended Boot’s Camera.

I went over to Boot’s, asked for the Rebel XT and showed them my coupon. I was going to try and play hardball to get a good price. I had a horn gift card for $50 and thought that I might be able to swing their decision with those two things. Kong, the salesman, got his manager to give me $50 off. So, after looking at tons of different options and deciding to go with the cheapest canon SLR, I said, "let’s do it, now give me a lesson". We start going over all the details of how to adjust the aperture, the ISO, the shutter speed, and the white balance, when this lady walks up with this sweet Nikon. She goes on to say how she loves hers and even her husband who shoots canon wants to switch to Nikon. They were both pros. As I’m debating the whole decision, 4 pros come up and reaffirm the Nikon. So, they hooked me. I bought the freaking Nikon D70S with a nice 18-70mm lens and then I also got a 70-300mm telephoto lens that kicks bootie.

I couldn’t believe that I just got this nice of a camera. I started shooting. I took over 300 pictures on Saturday and probably another 200 on Sunday. Still didn’t fill up my 2GB card! I still need to read the owner’s manual and figure all the settings out, but I think it’s pretty amazing. oh, yeah. It shoots 3 frames per second with 144 consecutive shots. chicka…chicka….chicka…chicka! Here’s my best capture so far!




  1. That pic is great. I’m in the market myself for a new camera and have always heard that the Rebels are the way to go…. maybe I’ll have to check out the Nikons. Thanks. Keep having fun with that camera!
    – Vic

  2. Vic,
    I personally recommend the Nikons. Bought my wife a D50 in May as a b-day gift. She absolutely loves it. She and my son leave for South Korea tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the great shots they get on their trip. SLRs absolutely rock!
    Congrats on the new gadget, Brian!

  3. That picture makes that camera look huge…ha ha you are going to be carrying a great big huge camera in your pocket…and people are going to say “Is that a camera in your pocket?” Anyways, like I was thinking…your daughter is amazing in that photo. What an awesome shot. Yay for moments captured that steal your heart!!!

  4. Wonderful picture, absolutely beautiful! The camera you bought is a good one, however I think you would have been much happier with a Canon. The truth is, the camera doesn’t make all that much of a difference when you get to the SLR stage of things. The big swing factor is the lens, and Canon is (and always has been) the king of the lens. Nikon is catching up, but they are still lightyears behind. My best suggestion is that you shoot & shoot until you are nearly sick of the sight of your camera. Then learn an entry level software like Paint Shop Pro and you will be totally hooked up!

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