Appleii New Mac Store! did you hear me? New Mac Store! It’s not an official apple store, but in the Villagio shopping center, across from Riverpark and next to Cold Stone, is MacDaddy, a new store specializing in all things mac. I was driving by on Sunday and saw the store. I ran in to take a peak and was like, "when did you guys open?". "yesterday". oh, well that’s probably why i haven’t seen the store before.

They don’t even have a real sign yet, but the inside of the store looks pretty mac-like. nice clean lines with all the macs in the family out on display except the macbookpro. I know, the most important one, but they did have a PowerMac with the 30" screen. so pretty. Lots of iPod merchandise, which is smart on their behalf, but hopefully they will get some more inventory. I think they also offer classes. They already have a location in Modesto, so if anyone has done business with them in the past, let me know. otherwise, go check out MacDaddy and get yourself a real computer.



  1. I would kill for a mac store here in Panama City!!!!! I moved from Seattle (had mac stores) to Columbus Ohio (also had a mac store) to PC … no mac store, actually almost no stores at all!

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