Good Friend

Chs_guys_1I just met with my good friend Kevin (the guy on the left) and I helped him out with his family’s retirement plans. I was telling him how I usually don’t bring up helping a friend with all their financial business, but I do want to make sure my friends are taken care of. So many people wait to long to start planning that they aren’t prepared for retirement and they have to work harder than they need too.

Anyway, Kevin was like, "that’s cool man. I like it when my friends can help me out. I mean, if you were my doctor, I’d let you stick your finger up my butt." HA! I love Kevin. All we did in High School was laugh at each other. One time we just got stuck at a stop sign because we were laughing so hard at each other, that he didn’t want to try to drive. "Floor it Hale!"


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