Pics from Church

Last night I took my camera to church. I was in search of a pic that could be our new "20 something" blog banner. I lead worship so I couldn’t take any pictures of that, but I got to shoot a couple pics while Blake was preaching. I’m still trying to figure out how to work this camera, but it was really hard to get a frame without Blake being all blurry. Because the lights were so low, I had to slow the shutter speed down to let in more light (right dusty?) and since the shutter is open longer, Hyper-Active Blake looks blurry. I thought some of the other ones looked cool. All you photographers out there, give me some tips if you have them. I also didn’t want to use a flash because of the interruption in the service it would cause. What do you guys do?

Dsc_0116 Dsc_0126_1 Dsc_0139 Dsc_0151



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