Weekend Review

Well, I’ll give this weekend 3.5 stars. Friday was one of those days that I could’ve worked all night. I had some caffeine in me or something. But, I had to get home to be with Kiara because Jacinda got taken out by a bunch of the college group girls. Seriously, how cool is that! So I attached her bike buggy to my cannondale, and rode to the pizza shop. We got back, cuddled up on the couch, watched "Cheaper by the dozen" at her request and had ourselves a good little father/daughter pizza party. I love those moments when she just rests in my arms.

Sb600Saturday, Jacinda had spa and hair things, I had band practice for Sunday, and Kiara and I went shopping while mommy got her hair done. I headed over to Boot’s Camera once again and got a little addition for my D70S, a SB-600 Speedlight. My friend Kelley told me that I really needed to get a flash, so I say, listen to the professionals. We then headed over to Whitie’s Pets and Kiara and I checked out fish, birds, puppies, kittens, turtules, snakes, and pinkie mice.

That night we had a really good dinner at FIVE, a new restaurant here in Fresno, with our good friends, Steve and Mignon plus Steve’s brother from Virginia, Jeff. My Ribeye was $38 with some gnocci (i had never had this ooey goodness before) but we had a gift certificate. score. Then we headed over to the new "marble slab creamery". it was really good and kicked cold stone’s tail. it’s really tasty, but you aren’t full from the richness after 3 bites.

Daniel_julie_temple Sunday morning was great. Daniel Temple, someone under 30, spoke from the pulpit at our third service. Amazing. I loved it. Seriously, Daniel is one of my favorite people and I told him he was my new favorite PC3 speaker. He spoke on Faith, Accountability, and Community. Three things that God gives, but we often try to achieve on our own strength. I really enjoyed it and what I got most from his message was that I don’t need to feel the pressure all the time of making things happen. God gives us faith when we need it, calls us to accountability, and even creates community. No more, what should we do, a party…a pool party… college kids need free food…oh my…screw it…it’s too hard, let’s not do anything.



  1. So did you take that picture of them with your new fabulous camera? You are outstanding. I think that you should start taking random pictures like that. Like posed shots. Yeah, I am proclaiming it…That is your new passion. Good job.

  2. Loving my children like that is always amazing. I feel like I am repeating myself, so if I am please forgive me. But my wife summed it up in this statement: “You know you love someone when you squeeze them as tight as you can and it still not enough.”
    My little boy, Caedmon, is about to be 5. He is completely in love with me and I in him. I look forward to taking him with me to run errands or just hanging out. Parenting, as sacrificial and tiring as it may be, is always worth the reward (aka those rare moments when they crawl in your lap and say I love you.)

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