the money shot

Dsc_0006I love this picture. This is still in it’s "RAW" format, so I haven’t done any coloring, cropping, or magic wanding yet, but I love it. As soon as Jacinda saw it, she was like, "that needs to be up in our house by the end of this week."
It’s amazing that I’ve been home all this time, but I still don’t have enough time to sit down and blog. It’s 11:30pm which is super late for me, but it’s the only time the house stops spinning for a minute so I can open the computer and actually put some thought to something. I need to start a whole new routine. I have one more day home with Jacinda and the girls, the back to work on Friday. It is nice that it will be a one-day week for me and my buddy Joe is taking me out to lunch. Thank you for all the comments on the birth post, you guys are amazing!



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