1131480503_kevinfederline Okay, I’m going to say it…I can’t stand rappers. Not all of them, just the I’m so tough that I’ll cap you while wearing my 30lb. spinning emblem of myself, cruising in my leased Rolls Royce, I’m better than you, picture of myself in the living room, stupid nick name, I like to have diamonds in my mouth kind of rapper. I don’t know if you know or care but Britney Spears’ husband (yes, apparantly I was out of the loop and didn’t know they were back together) Kevin Federline is now a rapper aka tough guy. Who does he think he is? Isn’t he a dancer?

Being the teenie-boppers that Jacinda and I are, we watched the "Teen Choice Awards". So Lame. K Fed had his TV debut as the last act and it was terrible. It was so cliche I can’t believe kids will be into this. there were a lot of "to the back, to the front, to the back" and "yes, yes, yall"’s going on. Nothing original, the beat wasn’t good and he is trying to do the whole rap with rock thing. Probably next to the poster of himself in the dining room, there’s a poster of Kid Rock. What’s sad is that you can see the marketing dollars at work to make kids love it. It’s like they don’t even have a choice.

alright, youth of america, here’s the people you will be into this year: Rhianna, Fergie’s "i wanna be gwen stefani CD, Nelly Furtado, K Fed, Britney Spears’ Baby, Jessica Simpson and the 15 outfits she wore in a 2 hour live show, the OC, One Tree Hill, all girls will have a crush on Orlando Bloom, and all the boys will dream of Jessica Alba. There you go…express your individuality!



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