We’re a Little Closer

Losiah20adoption20fundsb I was trying to wait to post about this weekend until I got my pictures up, but apparently Dustin and Kristi need a hit from the drug cabinet of Hale-Yeah! (Thanks for checking on me guys and giving me the push)

Friday night, Jacinda and I drove down to Riverside. It took us about 5 hours because of the feeding break with the new baby. We crashed at one of my best friend’s houses, Bogie, along with his wife Becca, Carlos, and Heather. 6 adults+4 kids=chaos. Little girls screaming, toys everywhere, pottie training, food, Little Mermaid, Mariachi Party across the street until 1am, 7-11, Beauty and the Beast, Black Widows, Miguels Jr., Cereal, and lots of fun.

Saturday night was all about raising money for Losiah as I have mentioned before. Well, Sandals definitely has the community thing going. Minus a couple of tables of family, there were over 170 people at this dinner to raise money for another family’s kid. Amazing. I told one guy that it was like having all the people we had ever been in our college group in the last 9 years all in one backyard. Everyone was right around our age, kids, and friendly. Sandals Church always inspires me to live better…truer…realer. I know the last two of those aren’t real words but normal words can’t explain Sandals. oh, by the way, they raised about $11,000!

I prayed about how much we should give them, afterall they are our best friends and Losiah will be my nephew! God put a number in my head, Jacinda was surprised by it, but we were faithful to give them that number. I had the check in my wallet to give to them, but when we got to the party, they had a live auction. They auctioned all kinds of items. 5 of Jacinda’s flower clips went for $150. There were 3 vacations that I thought would go for a lot, but what the heck, I’ll at least get to open up the bidding. The one I wanted came up, Newport Beach Marriott. 2 bed. 2 bath. ocean view from the balcony. 7 days in April. Perfect right. Yeah, I got it! I was the only one who bid! $700 for 7 nights in Newport. Are you kidding me?! It said that it was worth over $3000. I just feel so blessed by God that He surprises His children with gifts like that.

Went to church Sunday morning where Matt Brown spoke. Again…Amazing. The guy just has a gift. He always inspires a ton of questions for Jacinda and I to talk through all the way back to Fresno.



  1. That is freaking amazing. I am and have been so blessed by this journey of Losiah. My mom is adopted…so it kind of hits home. It is rad to see this process of people loving this boy and praying him home. Thank you for posting about it, I wanted to know more about it. You guys are so cool. The video was awesome. I still want to kiss his head. Doesn’t it look kissable?

  2. Sucks I didn’t get to see you and your family on Sunday. We didn’t get back from Mexico until 6PM. I asked Carlos at the 7PM service if you guys were there, he said you had already left. Mexico was amazing, but I really felt sad to miss the Whittaker’s adoption party. 😦

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