Hume Lake here I come!

Bike_jump I’m freaking giddy right now because I am leaving work at 1pm, picking up my worship team, and heading up to Hume Lake. This place holds many of my childhood memories. I went to jr. high camp there, high school camp there, and several winter camps.

This will be my 3rd time going for our church’s men’s retreat. Last year i led worship for the whole weekend and what an honor it was. I can’t believe it, but they asked me back for this year. It is just one of those places that when you wake up in the morning, walk down towards the lake and see the mist coming off the water, you just know that God carved it out for the purpose of showing His own glory. I’m going to try and take some "real" pictures this time. I got my tripod, my D70s, and my 70mm-300mm lens. Here’s what I hope to achieve:




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