Quote of the Day

Zach_braff__rs_964965_people_of_the_year My mom just emailed me this quote from Zach Braff. I liked it.

"All of life’s high points revolve around love."

For a guy who makes me sneeze pepsi out of my nose every week on Scrubs, that’s pretty deep. But, if you watch the show, they always do have a real point to make. It’s like watching Dumb and Dumber as an after school special. Definitely one of my favorite shows, but I only have season one on DVD. wink wink!



  1. I am a Scrubs-aholic! I really didn’t want to see Garden State because I didn’t want to taint my taste. But I am interested in the Last Kiss. I am planning on seeing it this weekend (if I can find a babysitter for the princess). After reading some of the above opinions though I am a little uneasy about my feelings for Zach’s new movie…

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