weekend recap

Invincible_150_1 another great weekend. my parents came over on friday and watched the girls…yeah, both of them. we went out to dinner at yosemite ranch and my assistant’s boyfriend hooked me up with some extra crab (thanks carlos!) It was really good, we then went home for a quick feeding of the baby and off to the movies. we saw invincible, the story of vince papale and how he walked on to the philadelphia eagles back in the 70’s. It was a really good story and i even shouted and clapped really loud at one point. good flick.

saturday, we all piled in the pilot and drove up to hume lake. we had burgers and fries at the snack shop, then rented a row boat. we took out for awhile, ate some cookies on the water, relaxed, and i got a blister. it was great. we went back to the snack shop, got a real ice cream shake and headed home. that night we took dinner to our good friends steve and mignon because they just recently had a baby. this is getting long and i want to go home so, sunday. church. step-in teacher for our class. eh. sunday afternoon bbq at jacinda’s step-brother’s apartment. played some lawn golf, baseball with a tennis ball, and sunday night we crashed target for a couple hours. got some new shorts and a t-shirt.

Got my tickets to boston today and my reservations at the Boston Harbor Hotel. looks nice. i’m getting pumped.


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