Fresno is getting cooler!

Sjurbanoutfitters And no, I’m not talking about the weather. I’m not sure when this is actually happenning, but Fresno is getting an Urban Outfitters! I freaking love that store. It won’t look like this one (i’m pretty sure this is the San Jose store) because it will be in our Fashion Fair Mall, but nonetheless, I will be going to mall much more often now. Where else can you get Citizens of Humanity jeans, silly-word graphic tee’s, a jesus action figure, a comforter, pop culture books, and a belt buckle shaped like a boombox! Now, all we need is a Nordstrom and most importantly a true Mac store.



  1. I LOVE Urban Outfitters. AHHHH! Insane! They have the best threads and yes, Love the action figures, comforters, books, accesories (however that is spelled) and cloting. You know what’s up. AND, a Nordstrom is def. necessary.

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