Venting I got an email today from our local Christian music station. 88.9 KDUV FM in Fresno. Shannon, who used to go to our college group years ago, is one of the big DJ’s over there. She’s a great girl and pretty stinkin funny on the air. Sometime back I entered this thing call the "music advisory team" so that I could win some backstage pass if I won the weekly drawing. They email you every once in awhile, you listen to some clips of music, say if you’re familiar with the music, give it a star rating, and then tell them if you want to hear it more or if you’re tired of hearing it. I always mark that i’m tired of hearing it unless it’s one of my fav’s like Crowder or Switchfoot. Every other adult contemporary group i rate 1 star, unless they just have good content. A lot, no most, Christian music all sounds the same, like they were all recorded in the same, used to be a country music studio in nashville. Not to mention lyrics that are just terrible.

I’m a big supporter of music, not Christian music, because I don’t believe in such a thing. Worship is totally different because it is for the Church. So many of these Christian artists wouldn’t even be given the time of the day if it weren’t for the whole WWJD market out there who will buy anything with God’s name on it. I just don’t understand why we need "Christian artists" that tell us about the same things that "secular artists" do. oh, and the whole bubble bands drive me crazy too. Newsboys have to be one of my least favorite bands ever. it’s like that cereal song and one of the lines is…"they don’t serve breakfast in hell" and everybody waves their box of cap’n crunch in the air. What the heck is that?! I just see some guy driving down the highway, accidentally finding the religious station, hearing this music that says that line, and being all convicted by it. "oh man, they don’t serve breakfast in hell, that’s the most important meal of the day! I better become a Christian!"

I could go on and on about this stuff. back to KDUV. I got an email from shannon that wanted to know what my three biggest concerns of our community were. It got me thinking and all fired up, so sorry about that. Here’s how I responded:

Wow, top 3 concerns. These will all relate to the Christian community, so here you go:
1. the lack of community…don’t fix your church, start a new one. we need to consolidate our churches in fresno instead of building new ones.
2. the lack of wisdom…many other religions can talk circles around us because all we know about Christianity is that Jesus loves us and He died on the cross for us.
3. the lack of relevance…the Gospel is always relevant, but somehow we feel the need to dumb it down into cheesy bumper stickers, t-shirts, cliché sayings, and art that is a bad copy of what the world produces well.
thanks, that was very therapeutic.


  1. Don’t you feel better after getting those off your chest? As I stalked my way through the blogosphere yesterday I was thinking about my concern with people’s interpretation of who Christians really are and how we can still be placed into the same categories of the religious groups in Jesus’ day (Saducees, Pharisees, Zealots, etc.).

  2. I’m not sure I agree with your view of Christian music, but I agree with the statement about the breakfast cereal and evangelizing.
    My guess is that after having to hear it and play songs like that over and over in concert, even THEY wish they hadn’t written it. It’s like the Chris Rice Cartoon song. I went to his concert and he absolutely refused to play it and said he had buried it for good. I’ll I could think was “Thank God!! Now if the radio stations would just bury it.”

  3. AMEN, AMEN,AMEN, AMEN – I can’t stand the “CCM” scene – or as I call it – crappy christian music.
    Newsboys are bad – i agree – but once of my least favorite has to be DC Talk. My skin crawls just thinkin’ about “jesus freak” song.
    This has been one of my biggest gripes about the Christian “sub-culture”. WWJD was/is such a sad commentary on the “lemming” type attitude of some christians. Stamp “God” on the cover – and they will purchase it.
    Great Vent…….now you got my blood pressure up!

  4. I totally agree about the music. Everything does sound the same. I listen to KDUV while I’m driving around on the route and I have to change it sometimes just because it seems like they play the exact same songs everyday or all the songs they are playing just seem like all the band wrote the songs together. I tried calling in for a request to get Tyrone Wells or Sean McDonald (Something that sounds more unique to me and I thought the guys could use the air time…let KDUV branch out a little), but they told me that they didn’t take requests that day until 2pm and it was about 10:30 when I called…lame. Anyways, looks like I needed to vent about that too. Hope everything is great with you and your girls.

    ok, a few exceptions, maybe Third Day, etc. BUT THE REST SOUNDS LIKE CRAP.
    Geez, the Jesus Junk market is so outa control that people really believe it’s good stuff. Books, music, pins, t-shirts, bumper freaking stickers, bracelets, necklaces (would you wear a guillotine around your neck? Then WHY WEAR A CROSS? It’s an instrument of DEATH, and if I recall correctly, the focus really maybe ought to be on the RESURRECTION & LIFE?!).
    Anyway, now my rant is over…
    L8R, dude.

  6. Yeah, I agree with Kristi on this one. Paul talked about boasting only in the cross! It is a symbol of what God did for us, what he did to His son, to promote His own glory, and to what we need to do everyday to be one of His followers. It’s a wonderful cross.

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