The Fair and Carrots?

Thebigfresnofair_clr Well, we had a great weekend. Friday night we went to a bday party for a friend of ours’ daughter where Kiara got to ride a horse, Saturday we slummed it up in the morning, had lunch and hung out with some good friends and then drove out to Fowler for my cousin’s daughter’s 1st birthday. Sunday after church, we just chilled, went on a walk, ate some Chinese food, walked home, and i introduced Jacinda to last season’s finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Tonight, we are going on an adult date with some friends (no kids!). We are hitting up the classy, clean, and sophisticated Fresno Fair. Well, it’s none of those things, but still fun. We are going to grab some dinner there and then go see this guy at the Paul Paul Theater:

Carrot_top I have never seen Carrot Top, but my buddy Joe, who is going with us didn’t think much of him either, until he saw his  show. Now he’s seen him a couple times in Vegas. I hope it’s worth the $10 that we are paying to get in. Should be fun!



  1. Carrot Top is hilarious. Seen him a few times. Always a great laugh.
    Thanks for the return post on my blog. Perhaps you misunderstood me, as I wasn’t judging the people, just saying that for me, the real deal is being real and transparent and having authentic relationships rather than getting lost in the tradition and “system”. Believe me, dude, I love the people, all of them, but I detest the system. I don’t agree that Christ would be elected, however – the religious folk sure didn’t do that on the first go round, and I wouldn’t expect anything different. He didn’t come the first time to take a government or temple leadership role – he came to change the whole model. My only point was that the revolution He started has surely become watered down and rhetorical in most contemporary settings, compared to the life, depth of love, and radical nature of Himself.
    Anyway, sorry to hijack your post… I’m not on as often as I used to be, due to some very difficult life circumstances over the past 4 years. Through them, He has taught me to see everything in a very different light, and contrary to what you may think, it isn’t one of judgement. I’m just sick of the games, the fairweather friends, and the judgement of others. When you go through as much suffering as our family has over the past several years, and you were a leader in a local body, only to be judged for your circumstances, over which you have no control, which were not as a result of any choice, it is sobering to the heart. Thankfully, God has held us close, surrounding us with a few precious brothers and sisters who have chosen to walk this difficult road with us.
    The Lord bless you…
    Jeff (Goteeman)

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