Hey, I know you!

Robber So my buddy Justin over at Emanation just emailed me wanting to know if he knew the "most wanted" guy that I talked about in the previous post. He didn’t, but it reminded me of another guy.

So, I used to work for Bank of America. I was sitting at my desk, in the lobby, got up, went to the break room and on my way, walked behind all the tellers. I looked out into the lobby at the line, saw a guy my age that looked kind of familiar, gave him a nod and went into our kitchen area. I come out to find that we’ve just been robbed. I go to talk to the teller who "got the note" and he is so traumatized that he can’t even remember what the guy looked like. I asked, was it the young guy… and it was.

Because the guy looked so familiar to me, I was the one who did the "artist rendering" with the police and i was the one that they showed all the pictures of cons too. After awhile, they caught the guy…small side note: never rob a bank. you won’t get that much money, you WILL get caught, and you will go to jail for a long time. okay, so I get the subpoena to appear in court for the case and as soon as the guy hands it to me, I read the name of the man accused. (NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY). I responded, "I knew he looked familiar, I went to High School with him." Needless to say, there was no trial.



  1. that’s hilarious. i don’t remember him though. i googled him for a memory-jogging picture, but no dice. oh well. maybe someday i’ll be lucky enough to have someplace i work robbed by somebody i know.

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