SoCal Weekend

Masthead Jacinda, the girls, and I traveled down south this weekend for Carlos and Heather’s daughter’s birthday. We left Friday about 2, which turned out to be a couple hours after Los’ other daughter broke her arm. ouch. you gotta see the pic of her little arm shaped like an "S".

Saturday we had the party and then our wives went shopping. Thank God for "the adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl". It was one of the weirdest little kid movies i’ve ever seen, but it kept them quiet for 2 hours! Later, the girls called and told us to order some pizza for dinner. We called at 6:44 and the guy didn’t get there until 8:15. So, when the guy came to the door with our cold pizza, I was armed and dangerous. I proceeded to tell him, very calmly, that it took him an hour and a half to get the pizza to us. we had called the store and they told us to work out a discount/complaint with the driver. he said sorry, so I said "so what do you think is fair?" he’s like, "ahh, just give me $10." my response, "i got your $3 tip and a coupon…are we cool?" he caved, i grabbed the pizza and we all stuffed our faces because we were so freaking hungry waiting that long. Then Los and I went to this guy Mike’s house and played some poker. $5 buy in and I left with my $5. I was happy.

Sunday we went to Sandals, which is always great. This guy, Mark Mittelberg spoke. He wrote this book called "Becoming a Contagious Christian". His whole sermon was around 6 different kinds of evangelism styles. It was really good. He talked a little about his own testimony and how he grew up in church but didn’t make a real commitment to Christ until later and how he could even win theological debates when he was drunk at parties. My favorite part was when he told the story of how he was confronted by another believer saying, "how can you be a christian and live like this?" Mark responded, "i’m a COOL Christian." to which his confronter said, "you know what I call COOL Christians…" wait for it, it’s my favorite part, "Hypocrites." Nice!



  1. Yay for calling cool christians what they are. I love it. It was sad to hear about Sohaila (or however you spell her wonderful name). I hope that you feel like you “got away” for your weekend, and that you feel refreshed.

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