I was sick

Medical20upset20stomach20drawing Monday night, our weekly date night, Jacinda and I wanted to try and catch a movie. My parents came over, we made the kid handoff, then off to Johnny Rockets which is about 100 feet away from the theater. If we’re in a hurry we’ll often go there for a quick burger. But, since I’ve been eating better and trying to lose weight, I hadn’t eaten at the old-fashion styled diner. I got a route 66 burger, grilled onions and mushrooms. Not what I normally order.

It was so greasy, but we were in a hurry, so I ate it. We sit down in the theater, start watching Man of the Year and it feels like somebody has a Reebok Pump in my stomach and they just won’t stop pushing that little orange basketball. Eventually, I turn to Jacinda and inform her of my condition to which she is totally gracious and says, "if you don’t feel good, we can go home" so amazing, I love my wife. It’s a little thing, but I love her even more for it.

We leave the theater, get some free tickets for another time, and I fight back the urge all the way home. I walk in the back door just as my stomach finally alerts my throat, "i gotta get this junk outta me". the rest…is history. I’ll spare you and especially Kristi the bathroom talk. I stayed home on Tuesday because I just hadn’t healed up yet. I had that whole achey, headache, stomach and back muscle soreness thing. I caught up on a lot of sleep, and by today I feel great. Plus, I went to the gym last night, worked out, and I lost over 5 pounds! I think I found a new way to lose weight!

Sidenote: Man of the Year seemed funny, but in the 20 minutes we were there, nothing much had happenned. Anyone seen it?



  1. Dang! Sorry that you went through all that. Glad that you are doing better Hommie. I think we are going to see that magic movie this weekend, with the Batman guy. How’s that for great communication?

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