Please don’t hate me…

Justintimberlake_300_j okay, I have a confession to make. You might already know this about me (and Jacinda) but, our guilty pleasure is Justin Timberlake. I know, I know. Totally corporate, teenie-bopper, downfall of music industry. Not Really. That’s what  I thought too, until I saw him on Saturday Night Live. JT and his band were freaking amazing. The music was tight, funky, and his vocals were seriously groovin’. I saw another special on his hometown, and we were hooked. I have to say though, this new album…not liking quite as much. Anyways, on to the important stuff.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007, JT will be hitting the stage with Pink at the Savemart Center. Tickets range from $55 to $75 and I got an email today to buy presale tickets. Let me know if you want the code to buy tomorrow at 10am.



  1. Cool (I mean what the crap is my man B ditty thinking, I mean … doesn’t he know that people can read this? They have little boxes on their desks and there is images and words on them? He can speak to the whole world and he chooses to write about Timberflake?) post man!

  2. because of this confession i have no other choice but to remove you from my blogroll …
    just kidding.
    justin’s bring the sexy back… although i didn’t know it left… and who nominated justin to be the one to bring it back?
    these are questions i ask myself… along with when did Michael J. Fox become an American?

  3. Um…okay. Just one question. Why is he wearing a disguise in that picture? Is he afraid to be a cowboy? Did he get burned by acid, or get cut while shaving like Jrocka? I don’t get it. Please let me know when you find out; I really need to know. Thanks.

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