Hiro Nakayama? I have a message for you

Heroes_logo Okay, this show is amazing! I caught up on 2 episodes yesterday. I love the whole comic book/superhero show/movie and this show just keeps getting me more and more excited to see what’s coming. Last night, a couple of them really started understanding their powers and when that guy Petrelli just took off flying, I was like, "yeah!" Hiro visting the other Petrelli brother from the future was very cool, very matrix-ey. I’ve seen a couple of you bloggers talk about it too, so I’ll have to keep up. It’s very different than any other TV show out there. The only thing that might ruin it for me is the one "i have a website" girl who always seems to have a 10 second clip of trash. I really wish all these primetime shows wouldn’t always resort to sex and people having affairs to help "sell" their show. It seems like every show Jacinda and I watch has something like that happening. Not even the new comedy sitcom, The Class, can get away from it. But, at least Jack Bauer is coming, and he never cheats, except death that is!



  1. Hero’s is VERY QUICKLY becoming my favorite show to replace Lost from that spot. Anyway, I think Daddy (Silar maybe) is going to kill off mommy near the end of this season. So if I’m right they will only have one season of her trash.

  2. Ok, i realise this post is so old… but i just started watching hero’s in the UK, and its brilliant, it was a slow starter, but i got really interested last night, after Hiro stopped the train with a message for peter petrelli…

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