You Are Dead To Me…psst (spit)

So, the first couple weeks of new shows are over and they are showing their true colors now. Today, I will tell you some of my losers and why. There is just way to much TV out there for me to TIVO everything.

061006_30rock_hmed_1pjpg 30 Rock: We just watched one episode of this one and dropped it. Stupid, predictable humor. I’m not too big a fan of Tracy Morgan or Baldwin. Tina Fey, I thought, was a good writer, but this pilot episode really lacked anything blockbuster. Plus, Morgan’s typical black character with all the homies, the strip clubs, the gangsta, dumb, image…it’s tired.

Csi CSI:NY: I really liked this show and have watched it for a couple of years, but I just dig the story a little better with CSI: Miami. Jacinda doesn’t like any of the CSI’s so I had to narrow down to my one favorite. Also, each episode is a little to clean. Something bad happens, they cut someone open and show you, in detail, how they were killed, and then they catch the guy. They need more of a storyline that carries through the season. Sorry Mack, I gotta move on.

Greysanatomy Grey’s Anatomy: I really liked last season and like talking to people about it at the office and such, but it’s just lost it’s appeal for me. Honestly, it’s just kind of depressing. I don’t know if it’s because it’s shot in Seattle or not (just messin’ DB), but everyone’s lives just seem sad. Plus, Jacinda didn’t watch this one either and when I tried to get her into it, we just kind of realized that most shows today revolve around cheating, or affairs and it really just gets old. I see enough broken relationships in my normal life, I don’t need to see anymore on TV, plus they make it look like some glorious thing, and you end up actually rooting for the people to cheat…which is just crazy. Bye Meredith, Bye Lizzie, Bye Burke. oh, and bye to that troll looking guy with the bad haircut too.

Heather_goldenhersh2 Finally, The Class: This one started great. What a concept. A guy is throwing a surpise birthday party for his wife that he met in elementary school. He tries to find all of these people who were their classmates and about 7 or 8 of them actually show up. It plays back into broken friendships, prom dates, who was who, nerds and jocks, lost loves, all while being pretty funny. Plus the main guy (in the picture) is the spitting image of his dad, John Ritter, or Jack Tripper…whatever. Again, one of the main points is a guy who meets this really sweet girl and you were totally rooting for their relationship, until you find out…he’s married. Aagh! What’s the deal. The Class…"You’re Fired!"

What are your favorite new or standard shows?



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