I’ve been SpitBoxed!

278414230_ffbcb641b9_o A couple buddies of mine (real-life and blog-life) started this blogzine a week or two ago. You can see links to the site up on the right and down on the left, so GO THERE! It’s perfect for those of you who like reading blogs, but don’t have time to scavenge the universe of them or go down and look at every single one of my links. It’s basically like having an RSS reader (if you don’t know what that is, then you should definitely go there) that gives you the best posts of the day from a gi-normous list of different blogs. Dustin and Los go through all of our links, friends, and foes and find the most interesting and thought-provoking posts of the day and Spit-Box them out onto to this, "one stop shop" blog-zine. They put up my post on which TV shows that I am dumping. It’s pretty cool. So after you read my blog, go check out www.spitboxmedia.com.



  1. Um, okay. So this whole spitbox thing is so confusing to me because all of the blogs that I already read are the ones that they put on there….so then I feel obligated to read twice. I am so nervous. Dang.

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