a little memory jog by jimmy fallon



  1. So my wife said, “I had to check out that guys blog, who is married to Jacenda (Is that the right spelling?)
    I said, Hale-Yeah!
    She said, “Jacenda’s husband.”
    I said, “Hale-Yeah!”
    She said, ‘who’s that?”
    I had to stop, I realized we were doing a blog rendition of “who’s on first.”
    That cracked me up even before I got “on up” and hosted the show with “JF”
    Thankx “Hale-yup”
    that is just fun to type as a pastor.
    Anyone named Hale-Lori?

  2. I loved it! I am not a big MTV video fan but I used always try to catch parts of the award show for piece like this. That is why I love YouTube;). Oh, near the end I think that I saw Enrique Ingelsias have to lean over and tell Anna Kornacova (so I can’t spell;) that the person with Jimmy Falon was James Brown.

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