Man! who saw that coming?

_42264800_k_416 What!? They broke up? I can’t believe it? Maybe Britney finally listened to his album. I can just see the ultimatum, "okay kev, if your tour goes well, we’ll stay married, but if you suck…I’m out." Well if you go to the House of Blues website and search for KFed’s tour, you’ll see that already, 2 of his 6 shows have been cancelled due to lack of sales. Plus, the tickets are only asking for $20-30! Sorry K-Fed. At least you can say that you single-handedly made one of the most popular artists totally drop off the charts! Not that I was buying the Britney Spears CD’s anyways.

PS. I know everyone is writing about this, but I didn’t even hear about it until yesterday when our friend Heidi left a message on our answering machine, telling us the news. Heidi…I’m proud to say that our teenie-bopper ways are rubbing off on you. "you’ll be my hero baby"



  1. I heard one of the radio stations saying that they should get K-Fed’s job at Red Carpet in Clovis back;). Oh, Brittany is already planning the divorce party in Vegas.

  2. Here in Chicago K-Fed tickets were being given away online. I heard one lady say she went for the “comedic value.” It’s never good when people show up to your hip-hop show for comedy.

  3. po po zao yo.
    dude k fed has a career on WWF wrestling. he has been on the past few weeks. i been hearing about it on the radio. plus he has been on CSI. what the heck? all these actors out there busing tables trying to get parts and fed x gets it.
    yo give me your number so that i can hit you up next time i go out to yosemite. burgundys parents live there so i should be making a few trips out there now and then. justin@sandalschurch.

  4. Brian, I’ve never visited you blog, and have been out of the blogging world for a few weeks so today I am catching up & want you to know not a lot of posts on this… but I was Laughing out Loud at your title! K Fed was on my radio show on Tuesday morning and said that everything was great between them and later that night it was all over the news! Great post and even greater way to title it!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with K-Fed. He might be smarter than he looks. He married Brittany and will probably get a lot of her money in the divorce. Plus, he had sex with one of the most desired women on the planet. I’ve got no problem with K-Fed and I dont think anyone should feel sorry for him. Great work, buddy!

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