Dsc_0116_1 Last night was incredible! On my way to church I found out that my drummer got stuck at work. Within 15 minutes and 3 cell phones, we had a replacement. My boy Derek Upton stepped up and was there in less than 30 minutes, with his own kit! whew! I gotta say, for not playing with these guys in a long time, it went really good. I was feeling a little nervous during practice, but God, as He always does, chooses to use the weak. He really showed up, the service went great. A couple of our friends who also used to go to the college group, you know, back when we were actually in college were there, Nic and Carrie Llanos, my parents and Jacinda’s mom. Our girls were there too which made it really special. At the end, they showed this video they made for us, which was totally un-kosher, with it’s subliminal messages that we would be leading PC3 (our big service), but it was very honoring and I felt completely blessed to be a part of this group for so long. They had everybody pray over our family and they made this huge banner that all kinds of people signed. It really was a great night. It wasn’t all fun though, there was also good ministry time that happenned. There are some great things happenning, we’ll see how everything goes, and I’ll write about it later.


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  1. Thursday night was truly amazing. As you guys sang the first few songs, I was thinking back to the first time I attended college group and met you guys. I was sitting by myself watching you guys practice, and wondering, “where are all the people? It’s 7:00pm, and no one is here” (That was when the group started 30 minutes late on a regular basis. lol.)
    Jacinda was the first person to talk to me, and we immediately clicked. I remember her telling me that she had just recently found out she was pregnant.
    I was crying during the second song because i was thinking about how I am so honored to have you guys as friends. Your whole family (grandparents and siblings included) has been such a blessing in my life. Of course, this is in no way a goodbye, but you guys will be missed in college group.

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