This is painful

A couple of nights ago, when Jacinda and I were trying to pick the music for our last night, we came across some songs that we did along time ago, and I honestly can’t believe that used to be "in". So many bad songs out there, but nothing compares to this video. If you are on the fence about going to a church this Sunday, don’t watch this. I hope and pray this kind of stuff doesn’t happen anymore out there in the Christian community, but deep down, I know it does. It’s been around, so you might have seen it before, but get ready, this is going to hurt.



  1. Two thoughts:
    First of all – I needed a bit more setup on that one. Something like, “Oh, yeah, this guys gonna’ sing like a baby in the second verse.”
    Secondly, why didn’t he go to the baby voice on the last note? Sounded like he was struggling a bit trying to sing it full voice.

  2. i didn’t know louie anderson was a christian? that was pretty bad. i think they were clapping because he was done. i know i did.

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