Another Great Night

Moviestranger1mct1 On our weekly date night, Jacinda and I drove around town looking for somewhere to eat. It was raining and we were both in the comfort mood, wearing sweatshirts and wanting to just relax. We joked that we should’ve had my parents just take the kids out, so we could stay home and sit by the fire. We ended up at Mimi’s, which I normally am not a big fan of, and she got a pot pie, while I ate some shrimp fettucine and french onion soup. If you know my eating habits, I am not a soup or stew guy, but for some reason, it just sounded good.

We just talked about life and how good it is. We haven’t even had a week off from leading worship at college group yet, but we both feel this enormous feeling of contentment. It’s not that I hated doing it, I loved it, but I just feel this burden lifted off my shoulders and am so excited about the future of my family. It was like we were "going around" again, with stares, "I love you’s", and laughs. We strolled, literally we were strolling, between all the stores, looking at the Christmas decorations, and then into the movie theater. Have I told you that Monday nights are the best night to go to the movies? They are.

We saw Will Ferrel’s new movie, Stranger Than Fiction. It was really good. It was definitely funny, but not SNL humor. It also had that "indie" kind of artsy-weird feel to it. It was different which was nice and just a feel good kind of flick.



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