Google Reader

GooglereaderI finally started using an RSS reader to read my blogs. No more clicking on everyone’s blog to see if they posted anything. I have used a reader before, but it only worked on my home laptop. When you use Google’s Reader, you can get to it from anywhere with a connection. I like that. I’m probably an idiot and there are bigger and better out there like this, if so, let me know. The only thing I don’t like about RSS readers is that you don’t get to see how everyone is designing there site. I spent so much time building my sidebars and now, if you are using a reader, you won’t see them. So, if you don’t know what an RSS reader is, or you want the free, google one, click here.



  1. I haven’t used Google reader, but I love Easy and likewise web-based so you aren’t tied to only using it on one computer.
    I don’t know about typepad, but I know on blogger you can choose a setting that allows only the first little bit of your post to be shown on a reader. People can see on the reader that you’ve posted, but they have to click through to your actual blog to read the rest of the post (which allows them to experience your blog design, side-bars, etc.)

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