A Great Message

Doug_carol_holck Doug and Carol Holck. Jacinda and I love these guys so much. Doug is our churches Executive Pastor, but more specifically, he is the Music Pastor. I’ve been to Australia twice with him with a mission-based band and he married Jacinda and I back in 2001. The best way for me to describe Doug is Moses. When you talk to him, it’s as if his face is white and shining, because you know he’s been talking with God.

Doug rarely speaks on Sunday mornings, he usually leads the music or orchestra, but yesterday he spoke to us. He started by telling us that he didn’t think he liked raw oysters. With a show of hands, it appeared that many others also didn’t think they would be good. This year the band went to Brazil where one night they had a big fish dinner. He tried this casserole which had a ton of cheese and whipping cream. He said he loved it. He asked them what kind of fish was in it and they said it was oyster. He was surprised and thought, maybe oysters aren’t too bad and scooped some more on his plate. A couple days later, they went to an oyster farm, where this guy gave them fresh, raw oysters. Hesitant, they all tried them, and I’m assuming that they actually liked them! He tied the analogy to our faith and the state of the Church. It’s so easy for us to add all the cream and cheese to God because we think He needs it for the world (and us) to tolerate it, but it’s the raw Jesus that we need to go back too.

Barbarian_way Doug had recently read, "The Barbarian Way" by Erwin McManus and his eyes were opened up. There were a couple lines in this book that I wanted to make into banners. Doug really brought it home talking about how we pray for revival, but what are we actually doing to make it happen? Is it easier to argue your faith with believers than share it with others? That’s gotta hit home with some of us. It was a great message and I hope and pray that our church grabs onto it. He also quoted Rob Bell talking about styles of evangelism. It was a very "emergent" morning. He prayed at the end of the service for a revolution in our church. Hopefully, this call to seek the raw Christ will sit deep within the hearts of the people who were there.

Thanks Pastor Doug.



  1. Hi Brian, thanks for the remarks regarding Sunday’s message. About “emergent”, I mentioned to Carol, it shouldn’t, as you know, be even an “emergent” issue, if the Church would just do as it has always been told to do! Anyway, blessings to you and Jacinda. I have your names in my prayer book!
    Carol and I love you and your family.

  2. i agree… with you brah…..i think alot of the cheese and whipped cream goes on the worship aspect of religion…..worship in itself is great……i went on a short missions trip to mexico and the churches and people their are awesome!!!!!they worship if there’s music or not……if they can sing well or not…..it doesn’t matter to them……it’s raw and man was it good!!!!!!!thanks again brah…. you hit it right on the head…..that’s just how it is….. later days

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