Barging in

Restroom Before I start, Sorry Kristi. I’m going to use the word "bathroom"! I was just thinking about the weekend and when Jacinda and I were shopping at Urban Outfitters on Sunday, I left to go to the restroom, and I’m sitting minding (eh hum…doing) my business, and I guess I didn’t lock the door all the way, cuz this guy opens it, takes a look at me, I say, "hey." and then he closes it. He didn’t react as fast as I thought one should though. I thought that to be very odd. He was obviously caught off guard. Have you ever been barged in on? (who said blogs aren’t for anything and everything?!)



  1. Brian,
    I once entered the bathroom at disneyland and I thought it was odd that the walls were pink but didnt get it. Then I saw a lady walk out and I thought for a second, “lady, you’re in the wrong….hey, wait a minute”. Then I did a quickly 360 and exited the bathroom faster than ever!

  2. One time I was down south, in Alabama, visiting my family, and they still have a lot of white’s only bathroom signs like the one you put in the picture. I’m used to California where a black man like me can go anywhere he wants. So I went into the bathroom not realizing what I was doing and walked into the stall and this white guy goes “Son, I think you in the wrong place,” and then I said, “Hahaha, I’m sorry buddy, I didnt know this was the a**holes only bathroom!”

  3. My mom walked in on me once, when I was 18, ewwwww. The worst part is I was doing something other than going to the bathroom. Talk about traumatizing!

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