Let’s Go to the Mall!

Howimet "How I Met Your Mother" is one of those shows that I have to pause because I’m laughing so hard. Last week, Robin, the girl in the green was scared of going to the mall, in fact she’s scared of all malls. Marshall, the guy on the far right, thought she must’ve previosly been married in a mall, (he wants to get married to Lilly, in the red leather, at the mall of america). Marshall thought since it was such a big deal, that Robin must’ve done porn or something. So, ensued a "slap bet". Whoever was right got to slap the other person as hard as they could. Robin lied to Ted (her boyfriend) one night saying that, "yes, she was married when she lived in Canada" Marshall got to slap Barney, and then later it came out that she had lied about being married, because her secret was even worse than that. Because Marshall had slapped Barney unjustly, Barney got a 4 slap rebuttal. So, the hunt to find out Robin’s secret continues…



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