It’s Back!

Scrubs My show, Scrubs, is back. JD and Turk have been making my stomach hurt for several years now, I think this is the 5th season. The show didn’t start with the normal sitcoms of the season which really freaked me out. I’ve been checking their website to see when a new episode was scheduled and it finally came, last night. Right after another great episode of the office, my friends, Dr. Cox, Janitor, Elliot, JD, Bob, Turk, and Carla entertained me. I hope it will be a great season.

On another note, I went and saw the nutritionist that I’ve been seeing for the last 4 months last night. I just want to say right off, I am lame. I went to the gym maybe, 5 times last month. Working long hours, friends, parties, whatever it might be, I failed. I didn’t gain, at least, but I only lost like a pound and only a fraction of a percentage of body fat. So, this morning I was up at 4am and at the gym.



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