Imposter Warning! There is someone out there in the blog realm who is acting like they are us. Apparently it started with all the Sandals Church blogs. I first heard of this guy about a month ago, when a fellow blogger emailed me to see if I left a certain comment on his site. I hadn’t but someone had signed in as me and left a rude comment. I then found out that the same guy had left a pretty mean comment on Tammy Brown’s blog. I’m just letting everyone know, that if you get a comment from me, or anyone else you know, and it doesn’t seem like me/them, email us to see if it is authentic.

All of you commenters out there: I hope I speak for everyone when I say that us bloggers hate "anonymous" comments. If you aren’t willing to stand behind what you say, don’t comment. If you are afraid to put your name or email out there, then this isn’t your gig. We are real people who are trying to share our real lives in a hope to find community.

I have also had a guy leave comments, signed in as "Hell-Yes!", an obvious mock of my blog name, "Hale-Yeah", which is my last name. This applies to you: You need to either start revealing your identity or stop commenting. I WILL delete every comment you make. This is the internet, so anything can be commented, but it is my blog, so I will censor and judge comments made on my personal site. I do not approve of certain ways of talk or words. There is a way for me to block these things, and I have taken the precaution. I can also block your IP address.

Sorry for my angry tone, but these guys are really ruining a good thing here. You think they would have something better to do.



  1. I actually ran across a “comment of mine” on someone else’s page that was innapropriate and was not made by me.
    I wonder how we can keep people from doing that?

  2. 2 things.
    first, yes we NEED a reviewer, wanna do it?
    second, I had hell yes call me bi sexual on my blog … I am crying inside … hey picture of JT is cute, uh .. I mean … errrr

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