It happenned again. Justin Timberlake hosted SNL this weekend. They even re-vamped a couple of the skits he was in the first time he was on. This one is a play off the "omeletteville" sketch that he did a couple years ago. It’s pretty funny in it’s own right. Enjoy.



  1. Honestly… I can’t see why anyone would be enthusiastic about JT, especially a straight men like yourself. He can dance… and that’s about it. His voice is unlistenable, and even though he likes to show off his “buff” bod, I still think my 2-year-old daughter could take him. Why do you like him so?

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I actually didn’t like JT until I saw him on SNL a couple years ago. As a musician, I couldn’t NOT like what he was doing. The band was amazing, he’s no Andrea Bocelli, but he can sing, and he was a great entertainer. I don’t think he’s a tough guy, but I don’t think I’m a tough guy either.

  3. Man why is my family always so controversial???? I loved the sketch by the way, I’m sure the people in offices around me were wondering what was going on!

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