Open house and EV Free

Img_0604 Last night we gathered the girls and headed on over to the Wilkinson’s house. My buddy Chad and his wife Emma were having an open house event for them being back from Romania. You see, they live there. Although Emma is from Romania, they are both missionaries to the country. They are back in the states for almost 2 months, working to raise money, trying to spend time with friends and family, and not getting any rest.

At the party last night were a bunch of people from the chruch that I grew up in: Clovis EV Free. My parents were there along with a bunch of other couples that are practically family in eyes. It was nice to see everyone, plus we watched our hometown boy, Matt Giordano, play the Bengals. It was a party for everyone, so the TV was muted, but at least we could still watch the screen.

Jacinda and I left around 8:30 and went to bed as soon as we could after putting the girls down. It is a beautiful thing to go to bed before 10pm. Tonight she will be delivering the presents that our friends all gathered to some needy families in a nearby city. She’s going to be playing Santa and I’ll be home with the girls. I always get frustrated when I have to take Melania for several hours because when she gets upset and needing "the mommy", i become disabled. Even if I’m feeding her a bottle, I can’t do anything else. It’s hard for me to slow down that much and just sit there. She is getting crazy talkative though, so it should be fun. Kiara and I are going to wrap all "mommy’s" presents.


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