Merry Christmas

Picture_3 Merry Christmas Everybody! From my family to yours, Have a Blessed day and I hope you will be able to feel loved and share the love that our Father gave to us today.
Our Christmas eve tradition is to give each other one present, of new pajamas. I just figured that Jacinda would buy herself some, but luckily I had bought her some, not even thinking about having to buy them for the Christmas Eve deal. I’m pretty sure she just bought her own last year… Anyways, we all got into our new pj’s and piled in the car for a drive down Christmas Tree Lane, which is a "famous" street in an older, nice neighborhood, here in Fresno. Then we came home, put out cookies for Santa and put the girls to bed. I’m up right now, arranging everything for the morning surprises. Trying to make it all perfect. Here’s a pic from last night too. Merry Christmas!!!




  1. That sounds fun man. Jessica’s family does the pj tradition too. I almost bought Melania those pj’s by the way. Merry Christmas! I’ll see you guys today. Love ya

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